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PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC (Pay Per Click) in Ireland

Pay Per Click advertising is a more digital marketing strategy that helps increase conversions and maximize the return on investment. The data-driven Pay Per Click management services improve profitability by effectively connecting your brand with the customers.

Our PPC marketing services allow better ways to connect to a broader audience and help your business grow! 

Keyword Research and Analysis 

At LowCostDigital, we use a myriad of tools to comprehend the search behavior of the consumer and then predict keywords that they are most likely to use. After identifying the keywords, we would categorize them as per the industry relevance, competition, and search volume. 

Our search specialists would constantly refine your keyword list to yield more results and capture your potential and current consumers’ search intent.

Optimizing Landing Page Conversion 

Our Pay Per Click marketing techniques is an effective way to increase both the quality as well as the number of your leads. 

We effectively use high-performing keywords, generate strong, meaningful headlines, craft engaging content, and place CTAs on your landing pages. In order to compel online users to take the action that they desire, we have the perfect blend of PPC and SEO best practices. 

PPC Management 

Join hands with our PPC firm and drive qualified, immediate traffic to all your landing pages. We will take the hassle and stress of keyword research, channel strategy, or campaign launches to monitor PPC ads A/B testing. 

Paid Search Advertising 

You can position your brand at the top of search results via our paid search advertising services. Our specialists optimize your ad strategies for targeting your audience, they create PPC bidding strategies and find high-volume keywords to attract more and more users. 

Also, with our strategies, we would improve your CTR, Quality score, and impression share. 

Ads A/B Testing 

To determine how effective your ads would be, we set up different campaigns. We create different variations of your page elements including the CTA and headline, image, layout CTA, and headline, to find which PPC ad version would generate the best results. 

We use the Split-test results to find optimize your next paid search campaigns as well as improve PPC overall performance. 

Conversion Rate Optimisation 

We use the right strategies to capture the audience and move them to the bottom of the sales funnel. Our experts would test your landing page design, create persuasive PPC ads, and develop forms that capture boosts, thus resulting in a better conversion rate and quality score. 

We are the best way to increase your profit without overspending on your ad campaigns. 

Search Engine Ad Management 

The search engine is among the most effective way to acquire traffic, and engage your customers. Our specialists would perform extensive PPC audits that guarantee that your product and service reach the desired audience. 

We do not use one PPC ad for every platform, on the contrary, we optimize them as per the requirement. We also enhance the SEM targeting and work on-site link extensions to get higher engagement rates. 

Social Meda Marketing 

Statistics show that about 54% of online users, use social media platforms to search for a product. May it be Instagram or Facebook, we provide you the facility of enhancing your brand recognition and reducing the marketing cost by investing in Pay Per Click advertisements. 

Our highly skilled personnel would identify the target audience, use videos, images, and tests, and analyze the user’s social media behavior to enhance brand engagement and improve customer reach. 

Remarking Campaigns 

You can now yield cost-effective results without remarking campaigns, These campaigns would also help you specify your visitor segment, identify best-performing campaigns, tap into site visitors and attract consumers. 

We would determine your remarking campaign’s optimal frequency cap and find the number of times your PPC ads would appear to the same person. This would reduce the marketing expense. 

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