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Insight and Analysis in Ireland

LowCostDigital understands that web analytics is a powerful resource for any business that is thriving or making an online presence. Monitoring the interaction of customers with the website would allow tailoring their experience to increase clicks, sales, and conversions. 

Our web analytics services offer both on-site as well as off-site web analytics. 

Off-site Web Analytics 

To find and measure your potential audience, LowCostDigital offers off-site web analytics services. We would monitor the user activities outside your company’s website and gain industrywide analysis.

This would give us insight into how your standing is performing in comparison to the competitors. We use social media, forums, search engines, and other platforms across the web to collect data and make decisions for the better of your business!

On-Site Web Analytics 

On-site web analytics is another type of service that we excel at. We would track the activity of the users visiting a specific website and see how the website is performing. With this data, our experts offer advice on how to increase on-site engagement, enhance website appeal, and much more. 

Log file analysis, page tagging, and several technologies are deployed by LowCostDigital to help expand and grow your business effectively! 

Our Prefered Web Analytics Tools 

Although there are several web analytics tools, we incorporate almost all of them. Yet, we prefer some others over others due to their efficiency and effectiveness. These tools include 

  • Google Analytics 
  • Optimizely 
  • Kissmetrics 
  • Crazy Egg

These tools combined with our experienced analytics would bamboozle your competitors and help you stand out! 

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