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3D & Product Modelling in Ireland

We at LowCostDigital fully understand that the future of eCommerce is product modeling for augmented reality as it enhances the viewing experience and provides the facility to consumers viewing the product in detail. It is also compatible across environments. 

In other words, amazing technology blurs the line between online shops and brick-and-mortar. Since augmented reality has the capability to attract a great number of clients, reduce return rates, and boost conversions, therefore, we deliver premium quality product modeling for augmented reality services. 

AR 3D Modeling

Our 3D modeling is the key to taking advantage of cutting-edge eCommerce solutions. There are two different types of services that we offer: 

Low-Poly 3D Modeling: It is required for interactive online tools. With our 3D configurator services, our clients are able to customize their products in real-time, or VR-based or VR apps. It allows the facility to actually see how the product looks in real life. 

High-poly 3D: We use this service for the making of photoreal marketing materials including product animation, lifestyle and silo, and 360-degree spins 

3D Product Rendering 

Instead of using product photography, we incorporate product rendering to allow clients to change minute details including the materials, texture, and product details, among others. Moreover, with our technology, we provide the facility to see the object from a different point of view. 

All this can be achieved without even producing a prototype. With our services, clients save a lot of money and ensure product development and marketing become more customer-oriented and flexible. 

3D Lifestyle Rendering 

With 3D Lifestyle rendering, we provide our clients the option to show their buyers how their product would look in context. With our services, there is literally no limit as to how creative, simple, luxurious, solemn, or cheerful a lifestyle can be. 

In addition, we provide the options you can create different scenes for products and provide your clients with imagery without even a single physical photoshoot. With our 3D rendering services, businesses are able to produce consistent style, visual impact, and atmosphere for our clients. 

3D Product Animation 

The development of manufacturing technologies resulted in product emergencies with complex functionalities. With our 3D animation, we can demonstrate the features and functions of your product and services. With 3D animation, you can now showcase your design variation, product configuration, and bundling options. 


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3D Product Configurator 

With our 3D configurator tools, you can now allow your visitors to customize the products that you offer to their liking. The user even is able to change the features of the design,  including size, shape, colors, texture, and other details. 

With our 3D configurators, you can now boost your online business by providing enhanced customer experience and shortening the sale cycle. Also, this technology allows decreased return sales and cutting stock expenses. Moreover, it allows the brand to track its shoppers’ behavior and assort their needs accordingly. 

Print Design 

The ever-changing market requires something different and that is exactly what we provide at LowCostDigital. Print design has become the most popular service and we provide that to our clients. We provide content services, and design services for booklets, magazines,  catalogs, newspapers, and professional design.

At LowCostDigital, you can avail everything that you are looking for to make your product better, and increase sales and customer retention. 

360-Degree Product View 

The increase in online business has resulted in innovative technology. Traditionally, businesses were able able to replicate the experience that was offered at a physical store, but with 360-degree product viewing, clients are now able to replicate that experience. 

We ensure that your clients are fully able to take advantage of the 360-degree product view service, increase sales and grow business. 

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